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India’s first Lesbian Couple Shoot

At times in your career as an artist you come across certain opportunities which are unparallel to anything that you have ever done. And one such oppurtunity struck me recently.

I got an amazing oppurtunity to capture a love story between two beautiful woman. Who have defied their families, the society and just care about love for each other!

It was quite a challenging thing for me to capture the essence of their relationship without revealing much about their personal details and identity, so have played and experimented completely!

The colors in the images have been used to depict the LGBTQ flag.

I am a firm supporter of LGBTQ community and if any couple wants to get their love story shot please write to me and I would love to shoot for you.

The following images appeared on many leading national and international publications like Buzzfeed, News18, The Quint etc.

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